"Majestic fluffy Lolacorns"

About me

My name is Thomas  and I am 10 years old.

I go to Matipo primary schooL .


We have a pet fish called John.

My hobbies are Football, cricket and basketball.

My favourite football team is Everton and my favourite football players are Kevin Mirallas and Ronaldo.








My writing goal is to be better at punctuation and spelling.


My recent work

The story of Blake the dog

Once there lived a dog named Blake. Blake the dog. He lived with a happy family. He had his mum and dad there with him.

But when he started to get happy with this wonderful family everything started to change. The family decided to sell the cute fluffy puppy.

Blake was hoping that nobody would want to buy the dog. But later that day a family came in the door with a flier of Blake. They wanted to buy him.

Blake now belonged to a new family. They took Blake away from his beloved former family.

He was at his new home. There was another dog named Frank. Frank was an old looking dog.

“Don’t think they’re nice,” said Frank, “just because they have kids. You get food every week and it’s not a lot of food so welcome home, friend. And also there is a cat named Whiskers that lives here. It’s not a very nice cat.”

After hours and hours of talking about the bad things that can happen to Blake, he decided this wasn’t a good family to live with so he made a run for it.

He sprinted as hard as he could but his fastest wasn’t good enough. He couldn’t fit into the hole in the ground that ran under the fence.

He managed to jump over the fence.

The sun was a blazing sphere in the sky. So it was a good day to be looking for his family - he was off. It felt like he had been doing the Olympic games. He got tired after about fifteen minutes.


Just when he was about to give up, he saw his family cross the road so he barked as loudly as he could. The family noticed that a dog barked at them but the family thought that it only looked like Blake.

They were going to the coffee shop so he followed the family. When Blake got to the shop and when the family saw him they said

“there’s that dog again it just looked like Blake.”

He tried barking and barking. It still didn’t work so he tried doing a cute roll over move. It still didn’t work.

Later that night, one of the family members noticed his collar and it said ‘Blake’.

They were amazed that he was standing in front of them! They were as happy as a couple getting married. The decided to take Blake home and the first thing he saw was his parents and his brother. They were all happy to see each other. Blake’s life had changed.

He sat in front of the fire every night for half an hour. He got twice as much food as he had at that bad family. He soon forgot about the bad family that he used to live with. It was a good thing.

So Blake got back with his family and lived happily ever after.

The end.

The battle

Once upon a time there was a boy named Jack. He wanted to see what a real Pegasus would look like.

It had been his dream for years. He would ask his mum over and over again but his mum said that they’re just a fake animal. But he didn’t believe her.

One night when he was asleep, he started dreaming about a Pegasus fighting knights in a castle in the UK.

The dream started when a proud knight named Charles Edward wanted to destroy a kingdom.

He hated the kingdom but most of all he hated the king. The name of this King was King Claw. You are probably wondering why he has that bad name. It’s because once he was in a forest, there was a brown bear. The brown bear scratched him on the face. The king grabbed the bear’s claw and did the same thing to the bear.

So Charles Edward would try everything to kill the horrible man. Shooting arrows from a distance didn’t work.

Did I mention that Charles Edward lost a leg trying to kill the King?

Edward had a dream wisher named Bob who could grant a wish and it would come true. So he asked the man if there was an animal that could fly over the castle and have armour all over its body. The man replied and told him that a Pegasus could do all the things that he wanted it to do.

Edward told the man that he’d take it. The Pegasus appeared before him and he said it was as bright as the sun. Yes, the sun. Edward went home and got all his armour. He was ready. He looked like he had been in the gym for a year. He got ready to lunch over the castle like a rocket. He blasted off. 3 2 1. He went up, up and away.

When he got to the castle, the knights surrounded him like a pack of lions about to destroy their prey. Edward knew that the Pegasus could fly so he flew off the ground like a bird getting away from captivity.

When Edward was in the air, he shot the arrows that he got from his backpack. He shot the arrows from 200 meters up. He shot about 20 arrows in 2 seconds and shot 6 people at a time.

The King was as mad as a parent losing a child. He went into one of the towers.

There were one million archers shooting at him. Lucky he had a wall that protected him. If it wasn’t there, he would be dead. He shot 20 more archers and he felt sad about that. But he tried to feel mad. Everyone was dead but not the mean King.

He ran away like a cat running away from a dog.

The Pegasus was faster but the king went into a spot where the Pegasus could not fit into.

So Edward jumped off his Pegasus and it was one on one. He was scared. He thought he was going to die straight away.

The king was hiding in the corner like a kid put in the naughty corner at preschool. They both had swords and armour. It was an even match.

Edward took a strike but the King did not get hurt badly.

Then the King smacks Edward on the chest. He had armour on so it didn’t hurt him much.

Edward chopped off his leg. The King was in so much pain he was suffering.

Edward left him there. He was sad even though he hated the King.

Later that day, Edward went home and saw Bob. He wanted to thank him for the Pegasus.

“Where is the Pegasus?” asked Bob.

“I left it at the castle,” said Edward who hurried back to the castle. When he got there, he saw the Pegasus standing there all alone, looking for his owner.

Edward was about to take the Pegasus and leave but before he could, he saw the King. The King was walking like a zombie coming back from the dead.

Edward got on the Pegasus as fast as a cheetah. Edward flew up to the cloud as fast as rhino. He shot two arrows at the undead King.

And that was the last of the King. Edward went back to Bob and said:

“Here you go. Here’s the Pegasus.”

“Keep it,” said Bob.

Edward said thank you and rode home on the Pegasus. Everyone in his home town was amazed. Their mouths dropped open.

John Taikata and the city of death

John Taikata walked through sky city.

People gasped and moved back in horror as he passed. He was a very tall man and not a very nice one.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, a body smashed down onto the ground beside him. John Taikata was terrified. The body was someone he recognised. It was his cousin Liam.

John was not normally scared like this. But this time he was sad and angry too. He wanted to find out why Liam fell off the sky tower.

John began crying and crying like a baby calling for his mum. He started sprinting up the stairs like a cheetah. Later, when he got up the steep stairs, the first thing he saw was a smashed window leading out to open sky. There were lots of people around so anyone could have done it.

One of the people hanging around was a gang member. He was at the back of the sky tower so John did not  think it was him.

In the front of the building was a photographer. For a second John thought it could be him because he was here to make news and what better news that someone falling off the skytower.

It was starting to get dark. John went home and did a search on the photographer he had seen on his computer.

He found a picture of the person and he clicked it. He looked at his criminal record and he found that the same photographer had pushed someone else off the one news working room.

John got mad like Mr Simpson does when a student like Thomas is being naughty.

He decided it was time for action. From his wardrobe he got some black pants and a black vest. He got a black mask and put a black beanie on his head. Then he went out on the streets of Auckland looking for the photographer.

He couldn’t find him. It turns out the photographer was having a nice dinner at the new restaurant called papas pizza ria with the one news team.

Later in the night he saw him. The photographer was taking his last bite of his cheese cake and the photographer did not know he was here. John sprinted in the dark like a cheetah chasing his prey.

He tackled the photographer onto the ground like a tiger pouncing on a Meer cat. He took him to the police and had him arrested.

Bob and john

Bob and john were walking to school. John said that for homework we should time machine.

“Pardon?” said John.

“What! Are you just writing this down,” said Bob.

“Are you actually going to use this stuff?” said John.

“Can I change it?” asked Bob.

John just laughed.

And kept laughing. Bob coughed politely.

“Why are you doing this?” asked John.

“To build a time machine for homework,” said Bob.

“How are we meant to build a time machine in two days?” asked John.

“We will work all night and all day,” said Bob.

“I will have to ask my mum and dad, but I will do it,” said John.

“We should try to build the top half of the time machine”, said Bob.

They worked all day and all night and made the time machine.

“We have done what we have planned,” said John.

“Excellent,” said Bob. Suddenly he tripped and fell on the button which started the time machine. He fell into the time vortex.

“Drat,” said John. “There’s only one thing left to do. I have to reverse the polarity on the machine and get him back.”

So that’s what he did. Bob suddenly reappeared. “I finished the homework in time,” he said. “It’s good to be back.”

Bob and John got their homework project done in time.

End of conversation.

The big dog

It all started when a boy named Jerome walked into a pet shop called ‘We are pets.’

Jerome was looking for a pet dog that was majestic and clever. As luck would have it, he found the perfect dog. It was indeed majestic and clever. Not only that but it was smart too.

His mother also agreed that it was the perfect dog and it was also a great price. A real bargain. Jerome decided to name the dog Lucy because it was a girl dog.

Jerome would take Lucy for walks and give her food and drink - what more could a dog want. She would get dog food for breakfast and dog biscuits for lunch and meat mixed with bones for dinner.

But it was her first time having a nice bowl of water. Everything changed that night. When Lucy was asleep on Jerome’s bed, she suddenly turned into a giant dog as tall as a giraffe. She now weighed more than an elephant.

Unfortunately, she was lying on Jerome at the time. She squashed Jerome’s legs as flat as Stanley. Jerome began screaming as loud as a fox in the night.  Jerome’s mum burst into the room. She saw Jerome lying on the ground like a zombie shot by the police.      

Later in the night, the doctors came and told Jerome’s mum that they had good news and bad news. The bad news was that he would lose his legs. The good news is that he would live. When Jerome woke up he was comforted by the fact that he was still alive, even though he was sad that he would no longer be able to run. The dog was sent to the vet. The dog was so big, he was now unstoppable. The vet could do nothing.

He escaped from the vets and busted through a building like a bull in a china shop.

He caught of Jerome. Jerome knew he had to do something otherwise the dog would destroy the city. No-one wanted that to happen. Jerome, who was now in a wheelchair, activated his laser and blasted the dog into ash.

He had saved the city but his dog was no more.

My brother Ben

My brother ben is as lazy as a pig rolling in manure.

My brother is as fit as a cheetah.

My brother is football crazy on Saturday.

He is as annoying as a balloon monkey.

He stays on his ipod every day like a monkey attached to his banana.

Sometimes I feel like playing with his football but he gets mad with me when I do.

His favourite football club is Manchester city.

My brother has never done anything nice for me.

He always stops me doing stuff that I like and want to do. I have to do stuff that he likes. He built a taj mahal, and a stampylongnose statue.

My brother is nine years and is in room 24. His teacher is Ms Brooks.

He’s in the top maths group even though I am smarter than him in maths. His hair is brown like a mangy bear’s coat. He has brown eyes like a muddy puddle on a stormy day. He is as tall as an ancient tree.

But I do really like my brother. I hope you like my brother too. He has everything you would like. He is lazy, fit, likes football and is tall (but not as tall as me).

Thomas out.

How to train your dragon 2

Review by Thomas


This is the sequel to the 2010 movie how to train your dragon.

The plot

The characters are mostly the same from the first movie. There is Hiccup and his friends: Gobber, Astrid, Stoick, fishlegs, Snotlout, Tuffnut and Ruffnut.     

Hiccup finds an enemy that is forming a dragon army. One of the main characters die.

My opinion

I thought the movie how to train your dragon 2 is a good family movie. I thought it was a good movie especially for the younger audience. The bad thing was that when one of the main characters died, I thought it was weird there was no blood on him. Overall I thought it was a good movie. I would give it a 4 out of 5 stars.

It think it is a good family movie so get your popcorn and to it.


Football is a game with skill but where you sit have fun.

When you play football you need good footwork. Footwork is when YOU keep good control with the football. When you have good footwork you can start using more skilled moves.


When you are in a good spot to score a goal, the best place to shoot is the bottom corner and the top corner.

When you shoot it there, it’s most likely to hit the back of the net.

Fifa world cup

The fifa world cup is a football competition. It is a competition played all around the world. Most of the best players in the world come to the world cup.

The 2010 world cup was held in South Africa. The top scorer was Thomas Mueller.


Passing is a way to assist a goal. When you pass you can do a lob ball, a through ball, a cross and many more.

That is why I think football is the best game ever.