"The Night Fury"

About me

Hi my name is Tane. I am 10 years old. I go to Matipo primary school and I am in room 27. My teacher is Mrs Espie-chal. I live in Te atatu Peninsula with my mum. My dad lives in sunnynook.

I only see my dad on the weekends. I have 2 pet cats. One is a boy and one is a girl. The boy is Mikey and the girl is Madem. My favourite thing to do is to go out fishing with my dad and to go to time zone games. I have 3 brothers. A bigger brother, a baby brother and a smaller brother in room 4. My whole family fights over the xbox360 but I always win. The movie I want to see most is ‘how to train my dragon 2’. My best friend is Ruben.

My favourite game is Minecraft on xbox360. I want to get better at story writing.

My recent work

My Family

Hi. My name is Tane Mua, and I’m here today to tell you all about my family.

I have a mum, a dad, a step dad, a sister, two brothers, and one baby brother. My mum’s name is Victoria. My Dad’s name is Christian Anrou Mua. Collin is my step dad. Mereana is my sister and I have two brothers: David and Nathaniel. I also have a baby brother called Terrance. Terrance was born this year in Auckland.

Nathaniel was born in the year 2000, David was born in the year 2008, I was born in the year 2003, my sister was born the year before that in the year 2002. My mum’s pretty old. She was born in 1970 can you calculate how old she is. I do not know what year my step dad and my dad were born in.

I have been to Tauranga with my family in the holidays. We went to this other place where my 2nd cousin was baptised, and that’s pretty much it.

The Holidays/camps I have been with my dad pretty much are the place where we go up north, camping and fishing. Then there’s Army bay and a wharf there. The wharf is in a place called Leigh.

I have a cousin called Jaden and another cousin called Lucas.

For my birthday this year, mum gave me a tablet. It was the best birthday present ever.

I think my family is the best family this century.        

Lamborghini veneno

My favourite car is the Lamborghini Veneno.

I like it because it is really fast and it is a manual car. The only kind of car I know how to drive is a manual.

The other thing I like about is that it looks cool as cool, as if it was the coolest car in the world, and of course search up on the internet.

I like to look at the front of it. It kind of looks like a formula racing car. Every time I talk to my step dad about a car, the conversation goes for the rest of the day because he is a mechanic.

At least it gets me out of work! If I spend all day talking to him, I don’t have to do my chores.

What I want is a Lamborghini Vereno with neon beam lights on it. I will go out at night and it will look awesome. I might have blue or red.

I’ve only seen a Lamborghini Vereno once in my life time and that was on the motorway going 150k’s an hour on the way to Tauranga.

The Lamborghini Verneo goes 220mp at top speed, and that is fast.

So In conclusion the Lamborghini Verneo is my favourite car in the whole wide world, and I think it is the fastest car in the world (even though I know it’s not).      

Annoying brother Nathaniel

I have a step brother called Nathaniel. Nathaniel is fourteen. Every time Nathaniel goes on the xbox360 he doesn’t let anyone go else play on it. My mum said he’s selfish and I think that’s right.

The only time I get to play on the Xbox is when he is at his real mum’s and I mostly only play Minecraft Xbox360 edition. Every time he is playing xbox360 and my mum asks him to do something he gets really angry and takes it out on everyone.

When my step dad gets involved he sorts it out no questions asked. He just makes him give the Xbox to someone else – or else! My mum ends up doing his work, and I think she needs a break – a big break.

Whenever my little brother, DivX, gets something good Nathaniel comes in and takes a big bite of what he has got. Then my sister comes in and actually asks DivX. Nathaniel pushes her away and says “no its David’s food, go away.”

A fight usually happens and my sis always gets in trouble. On the weekends, me and Nathaniel play bay blades and when I win he gets really angry at me because he doesn’t like losing.  Then he Nerf guns with me and I say I’m going to my friend’s house.

He gets angry at me because he wants me to do what he says but I end up going anyway. Whenever I mock Nathaniel he gets angry and mocks me back.

Usually we sort everything out and we just end up taking turns.

The accident

Once upon a time there was an animal. Not any kind of animal, a strange animal called a Pegasus.

It was a strange kind of animal. One like no-one had ever seen before in the history of time. The Pegasus was a creature that hadn’t existed in the history of time before.

If anyone knew about the Pegasus they would kill it because you don’t know what the Pegasus can do.

One day the only Pegasus in the world came to a road. On that road was a family were going on a vacation to the Bahamas.

The Pegasus was running across the road and the family was going too fast - over the speed limit about 230 k’s an hour. They ran over the Pegasus and it took them 1km to stop because they were going too fast. After 1km they reversed and stopped at the Pegasus to look at it.

The family got out and looked at the Pegasus and it looked like this: a whole body just like a horse but it had wings to fly across the sky like a bird. The eyes were like scorpions and terrifying like a bear eating your leg off with blood going everywhere.

But that is not what actually happened. The Pegasus just got run over by a speeding car that was going 230k’s an hour. As soon as the family stopped staring at the Pegasus they went as fast as they could go. It was something like the speed of sound.

They went straight to their telephone and called the police, but they were out of range. They tried to use fire but they couldn’t find the right type of wood. So they opened the boot and took the Pegasus to the Bahamas to take it to the police.

It took 9 hours to get to the Bahamas. By then the Pegasus was rotting. It was gross. It had black spots all over it and it was stinking out the car like a big fat dead pig.

When the family finally got to the Bahamas, they forgot about the police and went straight to the spr pools. When they got back from the pools they went in the car and it stank like a stinking bulldog. Then they remembered that that Pegasus was in the boot and remembered that there was no police in the Bahamas so they were in trouble.

They looked in the boot and 3 quarters of the Pegasus’s was rotten into his skin. They were worried. They went to the hotel and used the phone to call the Mariot police to come to the Bahamas to take the Pegasus away. When the police got to the Bahama’s they went straight to the hotel the family stayed in.

When the police got to the hotel the family was waiting for them in the service room. The police saw them and talked to them for a while and said:

“How long has this creature been dead?” the family asked.

“About 8 weeks, sir. Your whole family has been arrested for killing a Pegasus. The only Pegasus in the world.”

Maybe the same family are still in prison right now.

                                                              Lost in the desert

Once upon a time there was a boy named Mikey Hereford. Mikey Hereford was a handsome person, in fact he was the most handsome person in the world. One day the president of the United States of America sent him on a mission to the desert. His goal was to find the cursed mummy’s tomb.

The fate of the world was at stake. If Mikey failed, then everyone in the world would die.

Mikey Hereford got to go in the only teleport machine in the world. He was lucky. Going in a teleport machine was a once in a life time opportunity. He was flabbergasted when he got to the desert. He hadn’t been to the desert before either.

He got a food and water supply of 23 water bottles and four packs of cookies, you can last days without food but not water. The President told him to seek out the tomb door of the pyramid.

Somehow the cursed tomb door opened magically. It felt like he was going crazy.

As Mikey walked into the tomb he felt cold. He felt like his throat was twisting up. There were two doors in front of him. He chose one at random and went through the left door. He walked down the hallway and came to another door. He opened it. Behind the door was a huge stone sarcophagus. 

Mikey pulled with all his strength and managed to open the sarcophagus. Inside, he saw a golden coffin. He opened that too. Inside that was a wooden coffin. He opened that and finally saw the cursed mummy. As soon as he saw it he got his lucky knife out. But before he could stab the mummy, the curse of the mummy killed him.

Even today, the curse still exists. It has never been defeated.

The conversation

“Hey, what are you doing tonight?” whispered Tane.

“Why?” Blaze whispered quietly back.

“Can I come over tonight?” asked Tane.

“No,” said Blaze. “Remember my mum and dad hate you now,” said Blaze as the bell rang. They walked out of the class.

“I thought you talked to your mum and dad about it?” said Tane.

“My mum and dad will never forgive you for that. That was their favourite stick,” said Blaze

“It’s just a stick though. It’s stupid,” said Tane

“It wasn’t any stick. It was a magic stick,” said Blaze quietly.

“What really?” said Tane. “That is really stupid man. This is getting ridiculous,” he said.

“Well it is really,” said Blaze. “I think my mum and dad are going coo coo,” he said.

“Yeah, right. Your parents are cool and awesome,” said Tane.

“Why?” asked Blaze.

“All parents are cool-as man,” said Tane.

“True that,” said Blaze. “My parents are cool,” he said.

“So why can’t I come over tonight?” asked Tane.

“Didn’t you just listen to anything I just said?” Blaze said.

“No,” said Tane. “I was playing on my pear phone on my new app,” he said.

“What app?” asked Blaze.

“Sicray4,” Tane said.

“Cool,” said Blaze. “Can I have a turn?”

“No way, man. It’s mine,” said Tane.

“I won’t let you come over to my house tonight if you don’t let me have a go,” Blaze said.

“Huh?” said Tane.

“You’re still not listening,” Blaze said.

“What?” said Tane.

“Stop it,” Blaze said.

“Stop what?” said Tane.

 “Stop listening,” Blaze said.

“Ok,” said Tane.

“What?” said Blaze. “Stop listening or stop not listening? Pick one.”

“I don’t care,” said Tane and walked away.

Advance warfare

One day there was boy named Jerome. Jerome had a game called advance warfare. He played it every day. One day he got it on Xbox 360.

“Yeah!” said Jerome.

He put it in his xbox 360, turned it on and to his surprise, it didn’t work. He checked the plugs but there didn’t seem to be anything wrong. He decided to complain to his mum.

She said: “I’ll buy you a new one.”

So they went up to EB games and the shop manager said: “We don’t have any left.”

“Oh, no,” said Jerome.

“We will go and buy it from the warehouse, Jerome,” said Jerome’s mum. Then she looked at the time and said: “it’s time to go home.”

Jerome screamed and moaned. “This isn’t fair,” he said.

The next morning, Jerome woke up before his sister, dad and mother. Jerome raced down to the kitchen, through his mansion and made himself breakfast. Then he raced to his mum’s room to wake her up.

His dad woke up instead and looked at Jerome.

“Your mum’s not here. I will go with you to buy your new Xbox.”

“What happened to her?” asked Jerome.

“She’s in deep, cryogenic sleep,” said his father. “You won’t be able to wake her up. But that’s a good thing because we can go and get your Xbox now.”

The next morning Jerome woke up and it was all a dream.


Begone is a very advanced game to play. The first edition of begone is on computer. The game is based on World War 2.

It has 6 servers to play on and Over 40 games on each server so it is 40x6 which is 240 - that is a lot of servers.

When you pick a map and a server, you go in and most of the time you hear thousands of bullets going through the air like the fastest aeroplane in the world.

When you kill heaps of players you get heaps of money. You get roughly $200 dollars a kill and $1000 dollars to start the game off.

People like Jerome (off the giganaire ad) doesn’t rate the game very highly.

Most of the people in NZ play Begone. In my school every Wednesday Lunchtime at 12:40, we race to the computer room to get the best computers. The year 4’s always get there first. It’s annoying.


When you go on your computer and type in BEGONE

It will come up with NPlay-Free multi-player browser-BEGONE.

Every time you get a headshot you get $1000. There are 2 teams - swat and military. If you press b, you will end up with the shop. In the shop you can upgrade and buy new weapons.

So in conclusion I think BEGONE is a pretty good game.

How to train your dragon 2

Review by Tane


Some of the characters in how to train your dragon 2 are Astrid, Stoick the Vast and Hiccup horrendous haddock the III. Those are the most important ones. There are two new characters. The person who knows all about dragons is fish legs.


In how to train your dragon 2, Hiccup finds someone important to him. New lands are found and lots of new dragons.

New characters bring this movie something different. Everyone has grown up 5 years. One person is making a dragon army.


I give the movie an 8/10 because there wasn’t any blood. It was very sad and horrible in parts. There was some love. I didn’t really like the love part. The love part is when Astrid and Hiccup kiss at the end. Overall, I really liked the movie. Parts of it was amazing.

I didn’t like the fact that someone died. But I won’t spoil it for you so you have to watch the movie to find out who. Go and see it and find out for yourself.

Where to fish and how?

Fishing is a sport but people do it for a living and do it for food. Fishing is popular in all countries but invented in Norway. The wind is a big deal with fishing. You have to get out of the wind to fish.

I like to go fishing at Stanley point in Devonport but in winter I go up to a secret fishing spot we call the lagoon. The only way to go fishing in the wind is on a boat in the harbour then you can fish wherever you can.

You have to be careful in the harbour because big boats come and go every hour and can cut your lines. This can mean your fishing trip is a waste of time and a waste of money.

Knots are a big deal if you want to have fun. You have to make your knots strong to get the big fish and trust me it’s fun reeling in the big fish.

Bait - there is different kinds of bait. There’s squid, anchovies and seaweed. Seaweed is for catching black snapper. Live bait is for catching kingfish. They love live bait - they go crazy on it.

The only way to catch king fish is to go on a boat out to the sea.

So in conclusion I think fishing is the best sport ever!