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About me

My name is Pine-Moana. I’m 10. My mum’s name is Moana. My step dad is Jamie. Aaliyah is 11 and she is my step sister. Shieh is my sister. I play football and netball.

My favourite football player is Messi, number 10 for Argentina.  I play piano. I am a jazz patazz - the jazziest writer. My goal is to work on my punctuation. Being a better writer would help because I love singing and I want to write songs for myself. J

My recent work

Sophie Miller

If you do not know Sophie Miller and you want to know who she is, then you should find this story interesting.

This is how Fanta had children.

“Well done, son for using the triton precisely,” said Steven.

Fanta was at home.

“Where is Mum?” asked Fanta.

“She is in the kitchen,” said Steven. “Also son there is a gift for you in the lounge.”

Fanta walked into the lounge and he saw a mermaid tail. Not just any old tail - a special royal tail. It was a mermaid.

Fanta put the tail on and started swimming with the mermaid.

Fanta and the mermaid swam to the mermaid mall, flipping and splashing their tails everywhere. At the mall, they went into a shop called whale tail.

“Why is it called Whale Tail?” Fanta asked. “They have nothing to do with whale tail or anything that rhymes with it. It’s like mail or hail.”

Fanta opened the door and there was a beautiful mermaid with straight hair and light brown highlights standing there.

She was as beautiful as a flower.

“Hi,” said Fanta.

“Hello,” replied the mermaid.

“My name is Fanta,” he said.

“Hello Fanta. My name is Sophie,” she said.

They visited each other for five months and they moved to a house in America.

They bought a puppy.

“What should we call our puppy?” asked Sophie.

“Tommy,” said Fanta.

“Great name, Fanta,” said Sophie.

Two months later Sophie discovered she was having a baby. Sophie and Fanta were having twins - both girls.

They were happy.

It was time for the twins to arrive and they rushed to the hospital.

They named them Megan and Nicole. They looked the same but the difference was Megan had a little brown piece in her hair but Megan had blond hair.

They all had a happy life together.

Lists of my favourite things

  1. My favourite animal is an African clawless Otter because they are cute and are fast swimmers.

  2.  My favourite food is magnum ice-cream because it tastes really nice

  3.   My Favourite sport is Basketball because I like shooting the basketball hoops.

  4.    My favourite shop is smiggle because it has cool stationary and has very cool colours for pencil cases. Because my one is the bubble pencil case because it looks very cool.

  5.  My favourite country is the Cook island’s because the country is so beautiful.

  6.  My favourite season is summer because it is sunny.

  7.  My favourite school subject is choir because I love singing.

  8.  My favourite singer is Jessie j and Stan Walker.

  9. My favourite technology brand is Samsung because there are more apps.

  10.  My favourite Disney character is Mickey Mouse because he is tremendously funny and I think he is magical.

  11. My favourite instrument is a piano because I know how to play it and it makes a very nice sound.

  12.  My favourite word is “Miscellaneous” because I love saying the word.

  13.  My favourite letter is “B” because it is like an “8”.

  14.  My favourite baby colour is baby blue and baby burgundy which is white and blue or white and burgundy and I like it because it has a nice effect.

  15.  My favourite occupation is a singer or fashion designer. That is what I want to be when I grow up.

  16. Why I want to be those two jobs: because I have always had an interest in those types of jobs and I always will.

  17. My favourite sports teams is the All blacks, the blues, the Silver ferns, the Sea Eagles and the Pirates because they are great at playing rugby/netball.

  18. My favourite fast food restaurant is McDonald’s, Subway and Dunken donuts because I love burgers and healthy food and donuts. I love donuts!

  19. My favourite brand of shoes is Converse All stars because they are comfortable.  

Fanta miller and the family hunt


Fanta was inside the shark. But it wasn’t a real shark. It just looked like one. It was actually a boat. It looked so real and sounded so scary.

“Fanta, is that you?” said a voice.

“Yes. How do you know me?” said Fanta, turning around to see a woman inside the shark boat with her.

“You’re my son,” said the woman. “I am your mother. My name is Georgie.”

She pointed at a man standing beside her. “And this is your dad.”

“What is that on your head?” asked Georgie.

“It’s just a pearl. It found it on the ground. It is stuck to me like glue,” said Fanta.

“That is the pearl of life,” said Georgie.

There was an evil wizard watching them.

“Soon I will get the pearl of life and rule the whole wide world and be rich,” said the evil wizard.

It was dinner time and Fanta was eating some fish.

“Fanta, you are very hungry,” said Georgie.

“I have never eaten fish before. I lived in the desert for thirteen years,” said Fanta.

“Before you start a life in the sea, you have to know a few rules and a few do’s and do not’s,” said Fanta’s dad.

“Okay,” said Fanta.

“Never see or never go to a wizard. Never leave the shark boat without permission.”

“What happens if I do that?” asked Fanta.

“Then you will be eaten by a sea monster,” said Fanta’s Dad.

“Always see a sand monster if you are sick,” said Steven.

“I have seen a sand monster before,” said Fanta.

“That must be how you survived in that place,” said Georgie.

There was an evil wizard watching them like a spy.

He needed Fanta back because he needed to fight the evil mermaid.

The wizard was shot in the heart with a magic dagger.

But when one wizard dies, his friends come and crowded around that dead wizard.

The wizard’s friends came and took the wizard away.

After that every wizard came to catch the pearl but the dad had a trident.

“Son,” said Steven. “This is a trident. Look after this. But beware. The trident has very mighty powers and can be used for both good and bad.”

 “You have my honest trust father,” said Fanta.

“Ok, son. You have my trust too but I don’t want you to lose it because of one wrong turn and you are in a mess,” said Steven.

Steven gave Fanta the trident and Fanta gasped in amazement. He looked at the trident as if it was a stick that he invented.

“Goodbye son. Come back soon,” said Georgie and Steven.

When Fanta hopped inside the boat to leave he asked the driver

“Where is the mermaid war?” said Fanta.

“Atlantic why?” said the driver.

“I just need to know I have my reasons. You have yours,” said Fanta.

“Off you go,” said the driver. “Fight your hardest.”

“Ok I will fight my hardest,” said Fanta.

Pegasus trapped in a castle

Rebecca flapped her great wings. She was a Pegasus.

“I really liked this boy I met in the castle,” she said to herself. “His name is Ben. I think he is nice so I need to go and talk to him in the castle,” said Rebecca.

Rebecca was flying to the castle when she saw Ben. Rebecca blushed. Her checks were as red as a tomato.

Rebecca flew down to the castle and said: “Hello Ben nice to see you again.”

“Do you want to go inside the castle?” said Ben in an evil way.

“Ok,” said Rebecca.

They walked into the castle. Ben went towards a little room.

“Are you sure we are going the right way?” asked Rebecca.

“Yes,” said Ben.

Ben left and Rebecca was by herself.

“Hello Ben. Where are you? I can’t survive in here,” said Rebecca.

She was trapped all by herself in a dark room.

Something you did not know is that Rebecca was a Pegasus with Pegasus powers.

“I will use my power of light,” said Rebecca.

There was a flash of light. Ben suddenly appeared before her.

He helped her get out of the room.

Eventually, they got married and had three children. Ben and Rebecca were very happy.


Fanta Miller in the desert


Fanta Miller woke up in the desert. There was sand everywhere. He was under a boat but when he stood up the boat was on Fanta’s pinkie finger.


Fanta was very strong and threw the boat off his finger. He sat down for a while and decided he was very lonely. He heard a voice and he turned around and he found himself looking at a sand monster.

The sand monster looked like a shark with two tails. Fanta looked at the sand monster and rubbed his eyes.

“Are you real?” asked Fanta.

“Do I look real?” replied the sand monster.

Fanta touched the sand monster and discovered that the sand monster was real.

“Can you get me out of this desert?” asked Fanta

“Of course I can,” said the sand monster.

 “How?” asked Fanta.

“I have a stick, and don’t think a stick won’t help. It will, trust me! Especially when you know how to use it properly.” said the sand monster. “And I know how to use it properly.”

The sand monster threw the stick on the ground. He stood on it. He said some magic words and the stick suddenly became a boat.

“Get in,” said the sand monster to Fanta.

Then the sand monster grabbed some sand from the desert and blew on it. The sand became water. All of the sand in the desert became water.

Fanta leant over the side of the boat to get a drink. As he did, a shark leapt out of the water and swallowed him whole. Fanta died.

Violet and Bella

“Hello Bella,” said Violet.

“Hello Violet,” said Bella in a sad voice.

“Something seems to be bothering you,” said Bella.

“Yes actually something is bothering me,” said Violet with a sniff.

“What is it?” asked Bella.

“I’m an unicorn,” said Violet.

“I am amazed by the lies you are telling me. Please tell me yes or no,” said Bella.

“I am a unicorn. I am telling you the truth,” said Violet.

“Ok. I will tell you my secret. I am a Pegasus. I am also telling the truth. Look at my wings,” said Bella.

“Look at my horn,” said Violet.

“What is that over there? What is that bright colour?” asked Bella.

“That is my family. I am sorry I have to go home,” said Violet.

“Will I see you tomorrow?” asked Bella.

But it was too late. Violet was gone and the ultimate family of unicorns were gone for three years.

When she got back Bella was so excited but Violet did not remember Bella.

“Who are you?” asked Violet.

“I am your best friend,” said Bella.


Once, there was a god called Lucy. She lived in England. Lucy was over a thousand years old and was the Goddess of War.

One day, one of her friends, another goddess named Nefra and Lucy had a chat.

Lucy wanted to go on an adventure to Paris.

”We should go to France,” said Lucy

“Why?” asked Nefra

“Because another god lives there. Another god who no-one knows,” said Lucy quietly.

 “Well off we go then,” said Nefra

And off they went.

They climbed every mountain to get to France. Eventually, they reached the mountain where the other god lived.

“Finely we’re here,” said Nefra.

“Come on. Let’s find that god,” said Lucy as they walked.

There was a street atop the mountain. As they walked, a piece of treasure map floated on the wind. It landed at Nefra’s feet.

“Look,” said Nefra. “It’s a map showing us the way to the god of France.” She was as happy as a puppy.

An iron tower appeared before them. All around them was silence.

“Hello, girls” said a voice

The god was a Cyclops. It was as tiny as a mouse. It said a word and the two goddesses disappeared.

Not one person in the world knows were the goddesses went.

But they never saw them again.



Minecraft is a crafting game.

There is an adult named Steve who you start with.

You have to build a house. You have to find food to survive.

You have to build a crafting table to build tools.

At night there are monsters.

Minecraft is lots of fun.

I have Minecraft. I think it is as creative as using pencil, paper and colours!

I think Minecraft is for years five and up because younger children might get scared.

Minecraft has been around for a while.

Some girls don’t play Minecraft because it is a building game and it is more popular with boys.

My favourite objects on Minecraft are diamonds and planks.

A lot of people play Minecraft worldwide. Minecraft is an awesome game.

You can make your own creations in challenging


Minecraft is fun on the Ipads because you only have to touch the Ipads. With the computers, you have to use the mouse.

Minecraft is very popular in some schools. Some people video themselves playing Minecraft and these are very popular videos.

Bay of plenty

Recount by Pine

Last Tuesday, I went to the bay of plenty for a tangi. My uncles’s nana passed away. The place we went to was called Rua. Only me and my mum went.

On the way to bay of plenty we saw ice everywhere. I went to a Marae. I saw my family.

We only stayed there for one night. For food, we ate hangi and boil up.

We were welcomed onto the marae. I saw my cute baby cousins. Their names are Darius and Claven. I wanted to stay there to spend more time with my family because I hadn’t seen them for two years.

I did not like it when we left but it was good that I got to see my family. We stayed at Rotorua. I felt sad even though I didn’t know her very well.


Otters are warm blooded animals. There are river Otters which eat anything around them. They also eat small eels.

Sea otters

They eat sea snails, sea stars, and many fish. Otters are part of the same family that includes badgers, skunks and beavers. Otters are found in rivers or seas around England. Otters are cute. Otters can be white but that’s rare to find. Otters are smart mammals. Otters are good swimmers.

Giant Otters

Giant otter eat crabs and small snakes. Right now they are endangered. They are good caregivers but if they are stressed they can’t give milk.

European Otters

They eat birds, frogs and small beavers. It is illegal to hunt for them.

African clawless otter

They eat frogs and a worms and fish.