"Da Wolf"

About me

My name’s is Liam and I’m 11. I live in Te Atatu and I go to Matipo primary in room 26. I live with my Mum, Tracey and my sister, Jessie. Jessie is 12. I also live with my two cats, Sophie and Ringo. My hobbies are motorbike riding, fishing and I also like playing video games. The video games I play are team fortress 2, Minecraft and war thunder. The sports I play are ruby league and basketball. My best subject at school is maths but the subjects I like the most are P.E and computers. My friends are Ben, Joe, Blake, Travis, Ryan, and Niko. I also play bass and guitar.

My writing goal this term is be a better speller.

My recent work

Jack part 3

Jack and Will were on the northern coast of Africa. They were heading for the facility. The beach was in sight, and Jack and Will were heading straight for the beach at full power.

“Here’s the plan,” said Will. “Once we land, leave the boat and run for the wall.”

“Ok,” said Jack. “Great. But when we get inside, what then?” he asked.

“I will tell you when we’re in,” said Will.

Jack and Will got to the beach and ran for the wall. There were spotlights everywhere. One almost spotted Jack and Will.

Will got a grappling hook out of his bag and threw it up onto the wall. It hooked a guard rail.

“You go first,” said Will. “When you’re at the top, run for the nearest cover.”

Jack climbed up and had a peek. To his left there was a crate, so he hopped over and ran for it. Will followed closely behind.

They looked around and there were prison cells everywhere. A guard walked past and Jack knocked him out. The guard was holding a clipboard.

Jack had a look at the clipboard. It had the names of the prisoners on it. Jack skim read it and found Blake’s name. He was four levels up and on the edge.

There were stairs nearby, but they were guarded by two armed soldiers. Jack took the one on the right and Will, the one on the left.

They had to sprint for the stairs. No-one else saw them. They got to level four. Blake the cell nearby. He was sleeping. They unlocked the door and Blake woke up.

Will punched Blake and knocked him out.

Blake was too heavy so Jack and Will had to drag his body across the ground. They retraced their steps back to their ropes hanging against the wall. They tied Blake on to one of them and lowered him down to the ground.

Just before they got to the boat, a spotlight found them. It was too late though. They got away and escaped into the night.


On Friday the 12th of September, the sports academy went to the Henderson squash courts. There were seven courts, four on the left, three on the right and 1 big one in the middle.

“The squash world championship are played on these courts,” said Mat the squash guy.

Everyone wanted to win. I was first with Blazye, Josh and Aki. But then Jerome or Jeromeow decided to ask Mat for the big court. He said yes so Jeromeow took Blazye, Aki and Eva to the big court. Mr Nemaia had to take two trips there and back.

I would love to go back there and have a tournament. Everybody had fun.

Waterview sports exchange

On Wednesday the 10TH of September, we had a sports exchange with Waterview school at Matipo.

We played netball, Ruby league, ripper rugby, football and hockey.  I was playing Rugby league. They had some pretty big players.

But we had some tough guys and we put them on the ground.

They put up a big fight. When people like Finn break the line, we do two things: we work hard and our team yells at Finn when they score a try.

Luckily, they did the same so we scored some more tries. That always happens in rugby league. They were hard yet we pulled it off and won the game.

Afterwards, we had some food and played some games with one another. When we were playing tug of war, a 70kg kid fell on me so I could not play anymore.

Overall, it was a good day. I’m looking forward to when we go to their school.


It was noon at the corner of 16th street and Jack waited for a particular person outside a pizza place. Then Jack saw someone looking around so he watched him. Jack started walking over to that person.

He bumped into the man and asked him a question: “New around here are we?” asked Jack.

“No,” said the man.

“Then why are you here?” asked Jack.

“Well that’s up to you,” said the man and began walking away.

Jack decided to follow him.

“So how are we going to do it?” asked Jack.

“Not yet. We need to get inside. They have eyes and ears,” said the man.

“Wait,” said Jack. “What’s your name?”

“Will. Now can we get inside?” asked the man.

“Ok,” said Jack and led the man inside the pizza place.

They took a seat in the booth.

“Blake is inside a very well-guarded facility on the northern coast of Africa,” said Will.

“What’s guarding the facility?” asked Jack.

“Well, that’s the thing we don’t know,” said Will.

“How will we find out?” asked Jack. “Where do we start?”

“Come with me.”

So Jack and Will went outside and entered a van that was waiting outside. As soon as Jack and Will got in the van, a helicopter come out of nowhere and stared firing a Gatling gun at them.

The diver in the car stared up the engine and drove away as fast as he could. They managed to escape into an alley.

Jack and Will escaped into the night.

The Dwarf and the valley of peace

Once in the land of Khartom, there lived Dwarves and Elves. The Dwarves ruled the mountains and the underground. That meant the elves had the skies and the valleys and the plains. But the Elves were greedy and so they started to siege the Dwarvan castles.

So there was war.

The elves could not seige a castle because the Dwarves had tunnels. The Dwarfs killed all the elves that were on the mountain. The the Dwarfs and the elves were at a stalemate.

The Elves could not get on the mountain and the Dwarfs could not attack the plains.

“We need to end the war,” said Hendew the Dwarven king

“But we can’t or we’ll all die,” said Hendew's son, Jack.

“We will move at night. No questions,” said Hendew.

So later that night the dwarfs came from the mountain and attacked the Elves camp. The Dwarves made it to the river before the sun came out. The Dwarves hid and campted so the Elves would not pick them off during the day. The Elves did not come across the river.

Then the next night, the dwarves did it again and wiped out all the Elves.

So the Dwarves thought there was there was peace across the land.

But at sea there was a group of Elves that survived. They were not ordinary Elves. They were sorcerers.

The Dwarves had a feast to celebrate. But none of the Dwarves were on watch so the Elves snuck into the castle.

Then suddenly, there was a big boom. It came from above. Some of the roof fell in and the Elves poured into the dwarven castle.

The Elves wiped the Dwarves out. Except for Jack who escaped.

Ringo the mountain man

Once upon a time there was a dwarf named Ringo - Ringo totara. He was an ugly man, but a wise one. No one wanted him around because he was so ugly.

So he left his home town of Khartom and fled into the Iron Mountains at a young age.

One day at the top of Nomen Peak, Ringo was walking back to his house. As he was doing this, a group of bandits rob and torch Ringo’s house. Then they ran off. When Ringo got back to his house, it was burnt to the ground and a blizzard was coming.

So Ringo was in the heart of the blizzard. He was cold, wet and starving. Luckily, he found a place to shelter. He found a cave but he knew he was going to die unless he found some food.

But he was angry. So instead of hunting for animals, he left his cave and started searching for the bandits. He knew that they would still be on the mountain.


He found a small camp and moved closer towards it. At the edge of the camp he found a knife. He stared to pick them off one by one.

At the bottom of the mountain you could hear them scream. In the morning some people went up the mountain and saw ten bandit’s lying on the icy snow.

So to this day, Ringo will kill any man, woman or person that comes on the mountain. Yet he never leaves his mountain range. That’s why no-one ever goes into the Iron Mountains.

And every year on that night you can hear the screams of the bandits.

Jack and Blake

“Jack, where are you?” demanded Blake.

“You shall never find me,” Jack replied, hiding in the shadows.

“I will find you,” Blake said. “You can run but you can’t hide.”

Then suddenly, one of the walls nearby exploded.

“Move, move, move,” said an agency commander that appeared out of nowhere. “Grab him!” he shouted.

“Who?” asked a soldier.

“Who do you think?” asked the commander.

So the soldiers grabbed Blake and tried to put him a truck that was visible through the hole in the wall.

“I will get you if it’s the last thing I do,” yelled Blake.

When all the people left Jack come out. Then he rang someone.

“Are you ok?” said the voice form the phone.

“Yes I am,” said Jack. “Blake has been captured,” he said.

“Damn! We have to save him,” said the voice on the phone.

“Why?” said Jack.

“He will tell them about us,” said the voice on the phone.

“Ok. what now?” asked Jack.

“We have to meet u,p” said the voice on the phone.

“One thing. Who are you?” asked Jack.

“That does not matter. Just meet me here in twenty four hours. Go to the pizza place on the corner of 16th. I have to go,” said the voice on the phone.

The witch, shapeshifter & the neckless of life

 Once upon a time in ancient Rome, there lived a shapeshifter.

In a pub in Rome, Lupin the shapeshifter was hunting a man who knew a witch. Lupin jumped onto the man.

“Who’s the witch?” Lupin demanded.

“What?” said the man.

“The witch!” yelled Lupin.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about!” the man said.

Lupin was so frustrated, he took the man out into an alleyway. Lupin turned into a wolf and started to torture the poor man. He bit him and bit him. Finally, the man could take it no more.

 “Ok, ok. I’ll talk,” he exclaimed.    

Suddenly, the man was shot by a fire bolt. Lupin looked up and saw the witch on the roof. Lupin moved to attack. He turned into a monkey and climbed onto the roof.

The witch disappeared into the markets. For a moment, Lupin thought he’d lost her. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw the witch dart into a small room leading to a tower. He turned into a bird and followed her. He stopped when the witch went into a tower. So he dropped to the ground and turned back into human form and then followed her into the tower.

As soon as Lupin walled into the room, an arrow whizzed past his head. He jumped to the side and hid behind a table. Lupin poked his head out and saw that there was a shield half way between himself and the unknown archer.

Before he could do anything about it, another arrow swished past him. Just then, before the archer could notch another arrow, Lupin ran out, picked up the shield and charged the archer. He knocked the archer out with the shield. It turned out that the archer was actually the witch.

He snatched the necklace of life from her neck and made his escape. Now he had neverending life!

Dan and the maze of Tartarus

Dan had a candle and he was lost in a maze. His friend’s John and Dan were lost with him.

Earlier that day, John and Jack had been with their friend Dan in a cell. The voice in the corner helped them escape through a small hole in the room. They walked for hours. Then the voice was not a voice. He was now an object. Then he moved in to a room. Dan and John did the same. The object went. Before the object left he said:

“I’ll be back. Stay here”

So a bit later he came back. But he was now a racoon.

“Hi! l’m Jack the racoon,” said the voice that had once been an object.

“We better keep moving or they will find us,” said Jack.

“Who’s they?” asked Dan.

“The Emperor,” answered Jack.

“Who is the Emperor?” whispered John.

 “I will tell you when we get to my hideout,” said Jack.


So when they got to Jack’s hideout, they had a big chat. Jack explained about the Emperor.

 “Ok. How did we get into this maze?” asked Dan.

“You fell into the hole of tar when you were going to heaven and you landed in Tartarus,” explained Jack.

“So we’re dead?” asked John.

“Well, yes we are all dead,” said Jack.

“But I did nothing bad in my life,” said John

“Same,” said Dan

“Most people here are meant to be here in Tartarus,” answered Jack.

“But we are meant to be in Elysium,” said Dan.

“The only way to get out is to pass Cerberus the devil dog,” said Jack.

So Jack, Dan and John headed to the gates of Tartarus. But on the way they ran into trouble.

“The bridge is gone,” exclaimed Jack.

“What how are we meant to get there?” asked Dan.

“Is there another way across?” asked John.

“Well … no,” said Jack.

So they frantically searched for a way across. Suddenly, out of the corner of John’s eye, he saw some rope and a hook. Dan took the rope across the chasm. He threw it and just managed to hook it onto a rock.

“I did it!” cried Dan.

“Great!” said John. “You did it. Now can we get across!”

“Don’t spoil the moment,” said Dan.

Jack and the others made it over the chasm. Then they slowly walked towards the gates of Tartarus.

“Beware of Cerberus,” said Jack.

“Who?” asked Dan.

“The devil dog who guards the gates of Hell,” said Jack.

Just then, the great dog of Hades sprang out of the darkness and ate all three of them.

Movie review: How to train you dragon


How to train your dragon 2 is the sequel of the 2010 movie how to train your dragon.


The main characters in the story are hiccup, Stoick, fishlegs, Astrid, gobber, ruffnut and tuffnut and Snotlout. Hiccup up is trying to find all the islands and all the dragons in the world. Stoick, fishlegs, Astrid, gobber, ruffnut and tuffnut do dragon racing. Hiccup is meant to be doing it. But then hiccup finds a land that will make his world turn upside down. Something happens to one of the main characters. There is an enemy that is building a dragon army. He wants to have all the dragons for himself.

The characters in the story are all five years older. It makes sense because the first movie was four years ago. Stoick now wants Hiccup to become chieftain.

My opinion

The movie was great. But they did not need to put some stuff in that does not need to be there. At times I got lost and confused. There is some bad stuff in the story that I did not like and I thought it did not need to be there. Some of the story that did not need to be there was one of the songs. It was random and had no purpose. What came after that just did not make sense and was just a muddle up.

The good parts in the movie are when Hiccups world turns upside down. And when one of the dragons transform.  Some of the story was good. For example, the parts when Fishlegs and Snoutlout fight and there are some really funny parts.

 I would give it 4 out of 5 stars.


I would say it’s for ages 8 and up. Some adults would like it. 

Mr Nemaia the so called Queen

On Thursday the 24th July, Matipo School had a parade to celebrate the commonwealth games in Glasgow 2014. The so-called Queen turned up but we all knew it was Mr Nemaia. I have never seen a more hideous creature in my life. If you put a dress on a troll it would look better. He was hairier than a mountain goat.

That hair – it was clearly a wig. Normally, he is as hairless as a fish. He had no shoes and those feet looked old and sore like a baboons. Don’t get me started on the smell.  I have seen better dressed hobos.

His dress is something that the Queen would never wear. Mr Nemaia was the ugliest queen ever.

Information report

Motor cross and Racing

Motor cross can be off-road racing or cross country. It can be for fun or it can be competitive. 

There are two types of motor cross - racing and cross country. In racing there are indoor and stadium racing. In cross country it’s like indoor or stadium but harder.

In stadium racing, the course is set with certain jumps. It’s three laps and every lap is timed. When you skip a bit you will have 5 seconds added to your time. Then there are cross country racing that is outdoors with big jumps, long hills and steep hills.

You can do cross country or trail rides which are just for fun. You can ride 5 km up to 50 km and you can ride slow or fast. It does not matter what speed you ride at - it’s all for fun. They can be hard or easy. If you want to do some, give it a try. The bikes can be cheap or expensive and it does not matter what your age is.

And this is why I like motor cross. You should have a go if you’re interested.  You don’t have to buy a bike, you can just rent a bike or buy one. All you have to do is have fun!