"Writing sensai"

About me

I am 10 Years old.

I live in Te atatu. I live with my mum and dad. My mum’s name is Lomia and dad’s name is Philip. I also live with my cool 3 sisters and little brother. 

I go to Matipo primary. I am in Rm 27. My teacher is Miss Espie-chal. My best friends are Aki, Thomas, Blayze, Aldous, Niko and Ryan.

My hobbies are soccer, rugby and basketball.

My favourite Soccer team is Argentina. My favourite player is Ronaldo.

I love playing outside and having lots of fun with my friends.

 My favourite subjects are maths and reading and p.e

I want to I improve on my writing – most my spelling.

My favourite fun place is JUMP!!!

I don’t play musical instruments but I want to play drums. I love computers, phones and PS3.

My recent work

The lost island

One day, a little boy named Jerome was out fishing with his dad. He was at the docks. Jerome was in the boat waiting for his dad. It was very stormy. The wind was blowing really hard. It pushed the boat out to sea.

Jerome had no food but he did have fish bait and a fishing rod so he could catch some fish

He was not hungry but he ran out of bait. After a while he was starving. He saw a strange island. He hit land and saw fruit on the ground. He ate everything.

Then he saw lots of animals on the island and saw lots of mini lakes. Jerome dived into the lake and he went deeper and deeper. He saw fish swimming around. He grabbed one and swam back to the island.

He started eating the fish. It got dark. Jerome saw all the animals run away. Some went up some trees so Jerome did the same. He feel asleep up the tree. When he woke up the island was glowing. He saw dead fish. He saw a flower that was blooming. There was a tooth in the flower. In the morning he decided to leave the island.

In the distance, he saw another island. He jumped out of the boat and onto the island. He collapsed on the ground and fainted. Later, some strangers came and helped Jerome. They took him to the hospital and his family.

He never saw the island ever again.

The Trip

On Friday the 12th of September the sports academy went on a trip to a squash holiday programme.

At the programme we saw Mat. He was one of the helpers at school.

He took us down to the stadium where there were 7 courts.

On the first court, Mat reminded us how to hit the ball and how to serve.

Then he split us up into four groups. We were in other groups and in my group I had Shay, Mathew and Finn. It was fun.

After a while, Blayze came and got me then said:

 “There’s another court. It’s the best. So can you go ask Mat if we can use it?”

“Ok” I said. So I went and asked Mat.

“Yes,” said Mat. “But you need four people.”

“Ok,” I said and Eva overheard and ran to the courts. I went to get Aki and Blayze. We went to the court and we saw Eva there. I played Eva first and the score in the end was 5-1 to me.

Then I vs Blayze and he won. In the end it was 5-4 to him. In the end Aki was the overall winner.

Then we had to leave and get back to school.

Our trip to the squash holiday programme was the best day of my life. It was also the first time I went to real squash courts.

Cannibal island

Lucas thought it was a perfect day because he was going to Fiji. He arrived at the airport for a vacation and he hopped on to the plane.

He sat dead middle. Right in the front was a strange man. He was eating monkey brains and it looked like he tried to eat the person next to him.

Lucas decided to take a nap for 20min. He woke up because there was a loud siren noise and everyone on the plane were screaming the stranger was  gone.

“Please stay in your seats. Aaaahhhhhh,” screamed the Captain through the speakers. There was blood on the captain’s window. Someone opened the pilot door and out came the stranger with the pilot’s arm which he was gnawing on. The arm was still clutching a blood smeared Captain’s hat.

Suddenly, the stranger dropped the arm and jumped on a nearby passenger. He started eating him. Outside, the plane was about to hit the ground. Lucas jumped out of his seat and ran to the pilot’s station.

The cannibal tried to jump on him but Lucas punched the stranger in the face. Lucas got to the steering wheel. He pulled on the steering wheel. The plane stopped and the cannibal fell out of the plane.

The cannibal landed on an island and he was all messed up. The plane landed on the cannibal. The doors opened and everyone on the plane jumped out. The doors closed. But the doors closed too hard and at the front of the plane a panel opened up and weapons came out. Everyone in the plane grabbed a weapon to protect themselves and looked for a way off the island.

They all went in one group. Lucas took charge.

“Never get split up,” said Lucas. “But if you want to take a break we will wait for you. But don’t go in front of me.”

Then one person ran in front of him and tried to boss Lucas.

“No one runs in front of me. Stay as a group and I will go get him.”

Lucas ran up to the guy but he was too late. Lucas heard screaming. He ran faster and faster and finally caught up to the man. But the cannibals were quicker.

They started eating the man. Lucas grabbed his shotgun and shot them all. It was too late for the man. He was already dead on the ground, covered with blood. Lucas ran back to the other people.

“There’s cannibals on this island, so grab your weapons and look out.”

Everyone looked for any cannibals. When they couldn’t find any, they began looking for some food and something to use to escape the island. In the distance, Lucas saw a beach and a really big boat. Lucas ran and told everyone.

“There a way off this devilish island,” he said.

Everyone started walking to the boat. They were almost at the beach but then cannibals got in front of them. Everyone began shooting the cannibals. All the cannibals were killed but Lucas was injured.  

“Keep moving forward,” yelled Lucas. “We’re almost there.”

The people all kept walked and finally they arrived at the boat.

Lucas walked up the chain to get on the boat. No one was on board.

 “It’s all right. You can come up,” said Lucas.

Everyone hopped on board. The pulled up the chain and set sail to go home. Lucas looked back at the island and saw the plane on fire and the island was sinking.

That was the last time he ever saw the island. Lucas still lived!  

The epic escape

One perfect day in the underworld, the Lava lake overflowed.

All the slaves were working hard. Hades was sitting on his throne. He had a task for me.

He said: “I want you to kill Zeus’ giant guardian on Mount Olympos.”

He sent me because I was the strongest Minotaur in the underworld. My name is Jerome - the strongest Minotaur.

It was a long journey. I made it to Olympos but I was sick the whole way. I finally found Zeus on his throne.

“Wait!” I said. “I could kill them both – Zeus and the giant - and then I will rule this gross place and make it like the underworld.”

I was worried though because if I hit the ground really hard, I would fall through the clouds and back to the underworld.”

I ran straight to Zeus. Then Zeus’ guardian jumped in front of me. He picked me up and threw me in his mouth. I was falling. I almost fell into tummy acid. Suddenly, I found something bony to hang on to. It was another Minotaur.

“This is a suicide mission,” I said to myself.  “There’s no way out.”

I looked for a way out but then I knew that I had bull horns. I stabbed the giant’s insides. The giant fell to the ground hard. We fell from the sky, then we fell back to the underworld and Zeus came after us.

The giant with me inside it, landed right in front of Hades. I ripped myself out through the giant’s skin.

I was covered in blood and Zeus was going too fast. I stabbed him with my horns and I had more blood on me.

Then Hades yelled at me and said: “I told you to kill the giant, not Zeus.”

Then he turned me into stone. I became my own statue. He teleported me to the mortal realm and I found myself in the middle of a grave yard.

Every 100 years I would have to return to the underworld for 24hr and be a slave for Hades.      

The epic war

One morning buddy Hellyard got out of his bed. The first thing he did was look at the mirror for hours each day.

His room was filled with broken mirrors. The broken mirrors were scattered all over his bed. This was because every time he looked in the mirror, he smashed it. Buddy Hellyard was a little crazy in the brain.

Buddy was also the most handsome person in the city. He thought everyone hated him because of his handsomeness. They were all jealous. So he decided to go and live in the forest because there was less people living there.

When he got to the forest, he saw jets, tanks and armed troops.

“This must be a war,” said Buddy to himself. “Wait! Didn’t these two sides just become friends?”

“Oohh it’s the blue team vs the red” said Buddy. Buddy entered the war in the forest. Buddy saw a massive bomb and a button that said do not push. Buddy did a loud creepy laugh and pushed the button. Nothing happened then … A massive bomb went off! It was a nuke. It blew up the red team because they were evil. More evil than vicious wolves. More evil than Hitler. More evil than Ghengis Khan.

Out of the explosion came Buddy, laughing loudly and really creepily. His hair was up in flames. The blue team came out of their base and cheered for buddy. They picked him up and were going back to base.

Buddy saw a grenade. He ripped it off one of the blue teams belt and took the ring off. He had to wait for a few seconds.

“Come on!” Buddy sighed. Then pop, the grenade went off. The whole blue team blew-up and in the smoke you could hear Buddy’s creepy laugh.

Out of the smoke came Buddy. Behind him were the blue team lying on the ground. They were all messed up. Then Buddy walked off to do more crazy things to the world.

Phillip  and Mat

One day Phillip went for a walk. While he was walking, he met another man.

“Hi, my name is Mat,” the man said.

“I’m Phillip,” he replied.

“Were are you going?” Mat asked.

“To Matipo primary. To pick up my kid,” Phillip said.

“Same,” said Mat. “I’m getting Thomas from room 27.”

“Well, I am getting Jerome from room 27,” replied Phillip.

“We’re almost there,” Mat said.

“The bell’s about to go,” Phillip said.

“Run for it,” Mat yelled.

“Ok,” Phillip said.

“Come on. We’re almost at the gate,” Mat yelled out.

“We’re here,” Phillip said.

Mat was counting down. “5 4 3 2 1.”

“What happened?” asked Phillip. “The bell didn’t go.”

“We over reacted,” said Mat. “It rings in five minutes.”

“LOL,” said Phillip. “I forgot my watch was five minutes slow.”

Five minutes later, the bell rang. Mat and Phillip went to get kids and everything was right in the world.

Meet the end

One perfect day, the sun came out nice and pretty. Lucas came out of his room and went for a morning jog. Suddenly, something big blocked the sun and it became dark.

“The sun’s gone,” said Lucas. “It pitch black.”

It was a massive spaceship blocking the sun. A laser beam came out of the ship. It hit the ground right in front of Lucas. Lucas covered his face. He peaked through his fingers and saw an alien before him. For a moment, nothing happened. He uncovered his face and an alien the same size as him approached. The alien kicked him in the face, knocking him out. Lucas saw stars.

“So bright,” he said and then he lost consciousness.

He woke up. A man was helping him to his feet. The man had slimy hands. They were webbed like a frogs.

”Thank you,” said Lucas.

“You’re welcome,” said the stranger in a voice that was both high and low.

“Why are your hands slimy and webby?” asked Lucas.

The stranger looked around. He saw another man in the distance and looked closely at it. Then he transformed into him. Lucas stepped back slowly.

The stranger then transformed into an alien with dragon looking feet, shark eyes, sabre toothed, with snail antennas and claws as sharp as diamonds.

It was the same alien that he had seen earlier. Lucas looked for something to hit the alien with.

He found a glass bottle and hit the alien on the head with it. The bottle had no effect. Lucas stabbed the alien with the broken bottle. Blue blood came out. Then the alien reached for something. He spoke a strange language like a machine. It fell to the ground. A spaceship appeared and then more mini-ships arrived.

Lucas thought this might be the end.

Suddenly, the military arrived. A jet landed in front of him. The hatch opened and Lucas jumped in. All of the min ships blasted lasers at Lucas. Lucas shot rockets back and blasted them from the skies like they were flies hit by flyspray. He landed on the mothership. He left the ship outside so he could escape. He was a brave hero and ran through the ship looking for something to blow up. He saw a chair with a glowing ball. He ran towards it and wondered what the ball did. The ball suddenly started glowing red and made beeping noises. Lucas realised it was a bomb and set it off.

Just before it exploded, Lucas got to his jet in time and took off.

The mother ship was on fire and covered in smoke. The ship fell out of the sky. Out of nowhere, a jet flew out of the smoke. Lucas landed and stepped out. The military congratulated him on his bravery. They threw him a party for his heroism and for defeating the aliens.

Peter the Bully

Narrative/folk tale

Peter is a bully. Peter bullies kids at school. When he gets to school, people run from him and no one plays with him. That’s just the way he likes it.

He stays up late watching TV. He bullies his brother don. Don always tells. Peter doesn’t care at all.

One day their parents buy a bunny. Peter doesn’t like the bunny. They name the bunny, Bonny. That’s what Don named it. One morning Peter was feeding Bonny and he never did that ever.  Don walked in the room.

Don said:

“You like the bunny. You’re getting nicer“. Peter tells Don to get lost. Don goes and Peter feeds the bunny every day. He gets nicer and nicer every day. Some days all he does is play with Bonny.

One day Bonny wasn’t in his cage. Peter looks for Bonny everywhere. Peter wants Bonny back but there’s no sign of Bonny. Peter cries himself to sleep but then he feels something soft and tickly rubbing against his side. Two ears pop up, then the head. It’s Bonny. Then Bonny sleeps with Peter and they live happily ever after.

I think that Peter is not a nice kid but I like how he gets nicer because of their pet bunny, Bonny. Some bullies are mean and nasty but if you give them a chance they will change and get nicer just like Peter.

Movie review: How to train your dragon 2


This is a sequel of the 2010 movie how to train your dragon.

Hiccup and his friends Astrid, snotlout, fishlegs, ruffnut  tuffnut do dragon racing. Hiccup doesn’t do dragon racing. Instead he looks for new lands. Hiccups dad wants to make him chief of Berk but hiccup does not want to be chief.  One land he comes across can change everything .There are bad new enemies he finds that are making a dragon army.

This evil has to be stopped by Hiccup and his friends. They get a new friend to help. One main character (and I’m not telling you who) meets his fate to save someone they love.

Hiccup tries to talk to the new enemy but this guy doesn’t want to talk. He just wants war. So this might be the end of Berk and all the dragons.

In my opinion the movie has great animation. The characters are older so I think that it’s for older kids and the kids who are under 6 maybe scared. The movie is more interesting than the first and a little mysterious. You won’t regret watching this.

So I hope the audience enjoy the movie. Get the family together and watch a great movie.  In the end I give the movie 4 stars. J

Information report



Basketball is a competitive, challenging game and a sport using a large ball and two hoops.

The rules are pretty straight forward. You can’t run with the ball. You can’t take more than 3 steps and no pushing or punching. That’s a foul.

You can take far shots, close shots, layups or slam dunk.   Michael Jordan is famous for slam dunks. He pokes out his tongue when he dunks.

There’s a far shot called a 3 pointer. Layups are worth 2 points which is the same as a slam dunk. 

There’s a thing called ‘an one’ which means getting fouled while you’re shooting. After that, you get to shoot ones with no defence on you. If you don’t get ‘an one’ you get to shoot 2 times.

If the other team fouls you 5 times, that means if you get fouled without shooting you still get to shoot and that’s 1 point each shot.

The most famous basketballers are Michael Jordan for his dunks, Labron James, Kevin Durant, Hakeem Olajuwon, Larry bird and Magic Jonson.  

Michael Jordan is the most famous basketballer. He won the dunk contest. He jumped from the free throw line to the hoop. That’s long - really long, but lots of people can do that so that’s not cool now.

This is why basketball is the best sport ever.