"The Golden Banana"

About me

My name is Hannah and this is ABOUT ME.

I am 11 years old and I have a little sister Olivia who is eight.

I go to Matipo primary school.

I live with my mum Helen, Dad Rob and my sister Olivia. I have a pet cat called Billy

My friends are Alex, Georgie, Freda, Abby and Grace. 

My favourite thing to do is go away with my family and friends. I want to get better at writing longer stories with more paragraphs. 

I love the colours purple and blue. 

My favourite animal is the panda.    

My recent work

The boy and the mysterious guest.

Chapter one

One day a little boy named Leo lived with mum and dad in a big house.

When he was playing in his room his mum and dad had some good and some bad news.

His parents were going to sell the house. And someone was already in line.

Leo’s mum and dad went for a meeting with the person who wanted to buy their house.

Leo’s mum and dad had organised a babysitter for him.

When Leo’s baby sitter came, she arrived in a dark black car with spikes sticking out the top and dead cat bits and cat heads in the boot.

Leo did not like the look of his babysitter because
all she wore was black and white; she had white hair, black eye shadow and a long black coat that dragged behind her when she walked.

When she knocked on the door shivers ran down Leo’s back.

The babysitter took one look at Leo and she gave Leo the wickedest look that he had ever seen.

Leo took one step back and she lunged at him!



Unfortunately, fortunately

Unfortunately Bob was at work.

Fortunately he got a letter from the mail man.

Unfortunately it was from his boss and his boss was really scary.

Fortunately it was a good letter that said he was invited to a party.

Unfortunately, his boss was in Fiji and he was in Rome.

Fortunately, Bob was rich.

Unfortunately, the money he had was Roman money.

Fortunately, there was a changer at the airport.

 Unfortunately, the currency convertor at the airport was not working.

Fortunately, he found $3,000 in Fijian money on the airport floor.

Unfortunately, when the plane took off, the engine caught on fire.

Fortunately, the plane crash landed in Fiji.

Unfortunately, he was on the other side of Fiji.

Fortunately, he found another plane.

 Unfortunately the plane fell off the supporting poles and landed on top of him.

Unfortunately his boss did not have the party because when he was sitting on the couch watching TV[M1]  he choked on a pretzel.

 Unfortunately an evil male blew up the entire world and people started to live on Mars.


The lost treasure on disappoint island

One day a little girl called Lolly was walking across the street and she stepped on a piece of dirty paper that said:

Come to the lost treasure Point Island.”

Lolly liked the sound of lost treasure. But when she put the paper down, she didn’t notice that some of the dirt fell off. There was a smear of dirt over a part of the message. It was actually meant to be “the lost treasure of disappoint Island.”

She ran home and told her big brother, Lucas, all about it.

“Well, I think you should borrow Dad’s private jet and go to Point Island and get this treasure,” he said.

Lolly and Lucas had very rich parents. Their Dad’s jet was one of the fastest around. 

“I will take the jet then,” said Lolly.

So she took the jet and went to Point Island. As she flew over, she saw that it was covered in jungle.

When she got to the island, Lolly found a message in a bottle on the beach. She pulled it out and it said: find me in the caves of terror.

Lolly pulled her map out of her school bag and looked at it carefully. She saw on the map that the caves of terror were at the edge of the jungle by the coast.

It looked like she was only 3 kilometres away.

She had to cross the horrible puddle of lava.

Then she has to cross the temple of doom and then go through the tunnel of tragedy before arriving at the caves of terror.   

There was skeleton sitting by a shovel in the caves. She grabbed the shovel but the skeleton’s arm was still attached to it. The skeleton’s arm had a message on it. “You have come here for nothing,” it said.

After three weeks, Lolly had still not returned home. Everyone assumed she got lost whilst searching for the treasure.

And she has still not returned.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

The best of friends

Two little princesses lived in a giant castle with the King and Queen. They were called Lucy and Lilly.

One day they were in their bedroom playing with their toys. They heard a rattling noise in the wardrobe so they went to have a look.

Suddenly something tapped Lucy on the shoulder. Lucy turned around and screamed at the top of her voice and almost fainted.

Lilly, the slightly dumb one said: “What are you looking at?”

“Can you not see it?” asked Lucy in a surprised voice.

Then Lilly saw the gigantic being which appeared to be half eagle and half lion. She thought it was breath-taking!

She bought it to her bedroom and wanted to do some research to find out what exactly this creature was. She decided to look in her biggest mythical creature’s book to see if she could find this creature. She found it in the book and discovered that it was a griffin.

She took the griffin – her new best friend - to show the King and Queen. When the King and Queen saw the griffin they smiled with concerned looks on their faces.

“Hello, mummy,” said Lilly. “Look at my new friend. I called him Sammy,” she said in an excited voice. 

“WOW, how splendid,” the King spoke but there was confusion in his voice.

Then Lucy woke up. She had fainted. She saw the griffin standing above her and Lilly was at her side.

“Do you like my new friend?” asked Lilly.

“Yes,” said Lucy.

They went to go and play with the griffin upstairs. By the time night had fallen, the griffin started to disappear.

When the griffin finally disappeared, it was like he had never been there at all.  

The worst dream ever

Billy came running out of the long, dark hallway screaming.

“Mummy, I had the worst dream ever!”

“What was it about?” said mum.

Billy took a big sigh and started with his story.

“It was a cold and stormy night and I was lying in bed. All of a sudden I saw a green light pass the window. I jumped out of bed. I was too late and next thing I knew I was in a space ship with creepy aliens. Then I was face to face with an alien. It had three spiky long legs and four beady eyes. I was so petrified that I almost fainted! They were going to eat me but then there was a big BANG outside of the space ship.

 The aliens went to look at the wall and the aliens took all of their attention off of me so I was free for about ten seconds. I saw a tiny hole in the spaceship that was leading outside.

I went for the hole but an alien grabbed my leg and I screamed for my life. The alien did not like the sound. It started to bleed out of its ears. It was a horrible sight.

The alien still had a hold of my leg. Just then I remembered that I had a pocket knife in my pocket. I pulled it out and cut the aliens arm off. It was bleeding out green and purple. The alien blood was all over the floor.

One of the aliens made me go outside and change the engine. I went to go put my suit on. One of the aliens did not plug me in. I went outside and I could not breathe.

I saw the same hole in the spaceship and squeezed through it. The aliens saw me in the ship. I saw a hundred laser guns so I grabbed the guns and shot the all the aliens.

And then I flew back to Earth to you.”

“That was an interesting dream, Billy,” said his mum. “Thank you for sharing.”

James and Sally

James and Sally were walking out of school one day and saw a big time machine

“Should we go through the time machine?” said James with some confusion.

“Yes,” said Sally. “But when should we go?” she asked.

“Tuesday the 18th of September, 2011,” said James.

“Why then?” Sally asked.

“Because that was my eighth birthday,” said James.

“Ok, but what’s so special about your eighth birthday?” asked Sally.

“My big brother, Oliver, pulled a prank on me. It was a horrible prank. I want to go back in time to get my revenge on my brother. “said James in a gloomy voice.   

“What was the prank he played on you?” asked Sally.

“I was sitting on the couch and next minute I felt I was being watched,” said James.

“Ok. Keep on going. I think I’m on track,’’ said Sally.

“So, I felt I was being watched and next minute I was bombed with egg yolk and flour,” replied James.

“What are we waiting for?” asked Sally. “Let’s go!”

So they both went through the time machine and landed in James’ living room. It was 2011.

They saw James sitting on the couch when he was eight, waiting for all his friends to come. Then, the two of them saw his older brother, Oliver, with a full pack of eggs and flour.

“STOP!!!” said the older version of James in a very loud voice.

Oliver looked at him and raised his eyes brows and said in a surprised voice “who are you and what are you doing?”

“I’m your brother,” said James. “But I’m three years older. I’m from the future and I’ve come to stop you.”

Oliver was speechless.

“Don’t ruin my birthday party,” said the older James. “What did I ever do to you?”

Oliver felt bad and went back to his bedroom. He never egged or floured James again.

Sophie and the lost dog

Once upon a time, a little girl named Sophie lived in New York.

One day when Sophie was walking home from school, she found a puppy in a box just lying on the side of the road and decided to take it home. She ran home with it in her arms. When she got home, her mum was at home sitting on the couch. Her mother had an angry look on her face.

“Sophie! “Where have you been! You missed your jazz class!” said her mother angrily.

“Hi mum,’’ puffed Sophie, out of breath.  “I have just saved a puppy that I found in a box out in the street.”

Her mother suddenly started sneezing. “Well, you can’t have that puppy here because I’m allergic.”  Sophie ran up to her room and wrote COME AND GIVE THIS DOGGY A HOME.

Then she ran back down stairs and asked her mum if she could find this little puppy a home.        

“Yes,” said her mum.

So Sophie ran down to the powerpole and put the sign on it with the message. She sat down to wait.

A lady came past and saw the sign and asked if she could have the dog.

Sophie said ‘sure, I will be happy to give you the dog.’

And that’s how Sophie found a home for the lost puppy.


Dogs are mammals. As most people say - they are man’s best friend. With dogs you can do lots of exercise. You can play with dogs. You can take them for long walks. You can use them for exercise and take your dog for a walk when you are not allowed. You can sometimes put a little jacket on them. When you are bored, go and play with your dog because it will give you something to do. You can take your dog lots of places.

Dogs like to eat, bones, left overs and dogs rolls.

My favourite dog is a staffy. That is short for a Staffordshire bull terrier. I like them because they are not too big. They sometimes listen well but only if you teach them to.

Some dogs have bad habits. They can chew up the sofa, wee inside and generally make a mess when you leave them at home.

To care for your dog, you need to make them happy.

You need to give them a happy home, a nice bed to sleep to sleep-in and good food and water. Sometimes, dogs need dog doors so they can get inside. If your dog is sleeping outside in winter, make sure it has a comfortable kennel. Sometimes it is hard to look after a dog but it is worthwhile.

Movie Review: How to train your dragon 2

This is a sequel of the 2010. How to train your Dragon.  


Hiccup is now 20. He is finding new lands. There are some family things that change everything. Hiccup discovers a new enemy. This enemy is creating a dragon army.

The Characters are:  

Stoick/ hiccups dad

Astrid/ hiccups girlfriend

Snotlout is hiccups friend

Fishlegs another one of his friends

Gobber his dad’s best mate

Tuffnut and Ruffnut - the twins

I give the movie 4/5 because I thought it was a bit long and it dragged on but is still exciting. It is a good family movie. I think it is an older kid’s movie because the characters are older. I liked the animation in the movie and the colour. I also liked the mystery behind it.     


Dance is fun entertainment and a hidden exercise that lots of people like to do.

Dance is a type of art that involves movement of the body. Dance is performed all over the world and performed in most cultures.

There are many types of dance.

Here some of them  

*Hip hop



*Street dancing


*Folk dance

*Line dance

Most people like to dance because it’s fun and its active and it makes them feel happy.

People mostly like dance because they can use their body.