"Blaze and the mic"

About me

Hi my name is Blaze and I am here to tell you about me.

I am 10 years old and I live in Te Atatu North and I live up the

Road from my school which is called Matipo primary and my class

Number is Room 27. My favourite subjects are inquiry, maths, writing and reading and my favourite colours are Blue, Purple and red.

My favourite movie is Transformers 4. I’ve moved houses five times.

My favourite things to do are swimming, running, and long jump.

My favourite football team is Brazil and I have a little brother called Stalin. He’s 8yrs old and his favourite game is Minecraft.

My favourite game is Minecraft and I also like Growtopia. I do not play any musical instrument. My favourite sport is soccer also.

My favourite number is 1. My friends are Josh, Tane and Kymaani, Zac, Charlie, jhonny, and Mattew. My teacher’s name is Mrs Espie chal.

My goal is to be better at writing narratives or made up stories.

My recent work

Heroes of Diamonds part 3

Yet again the lights went out on park river road. Everyone was scared at first. But then they just went onto the laptop and watched ‘hunger games, catching fire.’

Then the lights came back on. The news came on. It said the diamonds had been stolen yet again. Someone needed to get them back for another million dollars.

Jack Hassle couldn’t resist.

Jack headed out to the beach to search in all the trees and all the bushes and sand. He couldn’t find the student idiot weird shaped diamonds.

Jack ran home to grab a shovel. He dug out all the sand from the beach. He found the diamonds. Then he thought to himself ‘how do I get out?’ The hole he had dug in the sand was too deep.

‘Help,’ yelled jack. A man came and threw a rope to him. Jack climbed up and thanked the man. When Jack got to the police station he collected the money and put it in his money box. He had three million dollars now.

Heroes of diamonds part 2

A couple of years later, the diamonds from the police station got stolen and put in the spooky cave. Jack hassle ventured to the spooky cave and was really scared but had to do it for a million dollars. In the cave, he saw green glowing thing. They were emeralds.

Jack took the emeralds to start a new collection of stuff. He got lost in the caves for hours and was starving. He forgot to bring food and water. Then he set up a camp and it was uncomfortable because he had to sleep on rocks.

In the morning, he was attacked by a big scary monster. Jack knocked it out using a 20 punch combination.  He found a whole lot of diamonds behind the monster. Jack picked them up and ran home. Unfortunately, he fell in a hole and got trapped. He yelled for help and a police rescue helicopter came to save him.

The helicopter took him to receive his million dollar reward. Now he had 2 million dollars. He was the richest person in the school and was really happy. He was probably the happiest kid in the world.

Heroes of diamonds part 1

Once upon a time there was a boy named Jack Hassle. He lived a boring live and always had nothing to do.

There was a secret mission setup on the website called The mission was to save the rarest thing: diamonds in the spooky forest

In the spooky forest, there was one lake called one tree lake. Inside was an underwater cave. That was where the diamonds were. So Jack thought to himself: this will be interesting. He asked his mum if he could go and she said ‘yes.’

So he packed his clothes and left really early in the morning. It was about 6am in the morning. When he got there he needed a drink because it was a long walk. Straight in front of him was a lake. He ran to it and dived straight in and saw a blue glowing thing in the water.

It was the diamond so he grabbed it and swam back to the surface. He was lost in the forest so he set up a camp. In the morning he saw the way out. He ran to it but it was a trap. He fell into water and couldn’t get out.

He screamed for help. Then a rescue helicopter came to save him and took him to the police station to return the diamonds. Jack won 1 million dollars and was never ever bored again.  

My annoying brother Stalin…

My brother Stalin is 8.

Every time in the morning he asks if I want to get up at 6:00 am.

I go to bed at ten so I say no. Sometimes I say yes but mostly I say no.

Then I ask him if he wants to play a game or join my Minecraft server. He says no every time. If he touches my stuff, I say I’m goanna tell on you and then he hits me. I get in trouble when he says I started it but I didn’t.

Then my mum calls me for dinner. When I’m at the table he calls me the D word.

Then I ask if I can play my tablet when his is charging. He says ‘not fair’ and starts to cry for ages.  Then his crying gets really annoying and I get really annoyed at him and I tell him to shut up.  He gets angrier and starts shouting. That’s when my mum starts shouting too and it all turns into chaos.

I ask if I can watch a video with him and he says yes and sometimes no.

I ask if I can play grand theft auto when his tablet is charging and he asks if he could play and I say later.

That’s when he starts touching my stuff. Then he runs to the computer and gets on and doesn’t get off. So I play cards with my mum and he joins in and sometimes looks at my cards and cheats so he can win and I lose.

If he hadn’t have chested, I would’ve won and he would’ve lost.

That’s why Stalin is annoying.

Joel cannibal and the mystery of spooky warehouse.

One yucky rainy day, there was this boy named Joel Eerily Jerkibilly Cannibal. He was always bored and he had no brothers or sisters.

He didn’t have any aunties or a dad or an uncle and he hadn’t met his nannies.

“How did dad die?” Joel asked his mum one day.

“I can’t tell you,” said his mum.

“Why not?” asked Joel.

Mum didn’t answer. Joel decided to find out for himself.

He discovered an abandoned warehouse where his dad’s body was found. He went inside.

Suddenly, he got attacked and eaten by an eater of souls.

Joel never discovered what became of his father. He was too nosey and paid the price of his nosiness.

Fart Gun 2000.

Once upon a time there was this person called Joe. He was a mean guy and always wanted to have a girlfriend but all the girls didn’t like him because he was the school bully.

Then one day at his house he went down to his lab and made a fart gun. It was named fart gun 2000. He brought it to school and forced all the girls to like him or else he would shoot them with the fart gun.

A couple of years later when he was 14 years old, he had one girl friend and they always had arguments. Then they had kids. One was a boy and one was a girl. The boy was called Phillip, the girl was called Joey.

When they grew older, they were bullies like their dad. Phillip didn’t want a girlfriend but Joey wanted a boyfriend. So she bought the fart gun 2000 to school and did exactly what her dad did. She forced all the boys to like her.

One day Phillip and Joey got run over when they were crossing the road.

They died and everyone was happy.

Stranded troll.

Once upon a time there was this ugly troll. He was fat, green, old and had mould growing under his chin. One of his favourite things to do was to go fishing.

One day, when he was out on his boat, he crashed into an island. On the island there were red trees way different to the normal trees which were green. The island was called poo poo.

It was called poo poo island because it had brown grass. Someone was already there because someone scraped Mr Simpson on the ground. On the ground next to it, it said R.I.P Mr Simpson.

He had no food. He knew how to fish but had no fishing rod. But he actually liked to eat man flesh. He tucked into Mr Simpson. Mr Simpson tasted disgusting.

Then when he woke up in the morning he saw this guy and ran to him and ate his nice manflesh. Then he buried the person and was still really hungry because the person was really small. In fact, he was miniature.

The ugly troll decided that he would go back to the city but he had no boat and he couldn’t swim. So he made his own house out of dirt and it had no door or windows and he slept on the ground.

In the morning he made a shovel by using his hand to chop the trees. The effort caused his hand to bleed.

It didn’t help him much. But at least he didn’t stay on there for ever. After a couple of years he died of starvation.

The End.

Risk and the forest of doom…

Risk Rickson was not a very likeable person. Nobody at his school liked him. He was so unhappy there that he decided to leave.

Years passed and Rick grew up. Rick had lots of money and he loved hunting.

One day, he decided to go hunting in the most dangerous forest ever. It was called the forest of doom.

He made his way into the forest. He got deeper and deeper into the forest. Before he knew it, he was lost.

He searched around for hours and hours so he decided to set up a camp. He lit a fire and gathered up some sticks. He got some marshmallows out of his bag and roasted them on the fire.

In the morning he roasted another pack of marshmallows for his breakfast and then he set off. He found a pond and he decided to go swimming. Underwater, he found a water cave and he swam into it.

After he got out of the water cave, he looked his bag again. He found that his bag had a hole in it and all his marshmallows had all got soaked. He threw them all out.

Then he found another cave and he found water snakes and tried to attack him but they failed. He actually killed them with a knife and had it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. He didn’t like it but at least he didn’t starve to death.

But then he was dying of thirst so he drunk yucky water but he actually thought it was nice and wanted more. But he wanted to have nicer drinks like coca cola Fanta and more.

Then he found a GPS in his bag and used it to find away out. And when he did he brought all the nice food he could and got much fatter.

Me and Stampy.

 “Hello,” said Blaze. “I like watching your videos and I’ve subscribed.”

“Thank you very much,” replied Stampy. “Would you come into my Minecraft world?”

“No, thank you,” said Blaze. “I haven’t got the xbox version.”

“Maybe you could be in some of my computer videos?” said Stampy.

“That would be awesome,” said Blaze.

“Why are you so good at Minecraft?” asked Blaze.

“Because I play it a lot,” said stampy, smiling.

“Where do you live?” asked Stampy.

“In new Zealand,” said Blaze.

“Where abouts in New Zealand,” asked Stampy.

“Auckland,” said Blaze.

“I am good at Minecraft redstone,” said Blaze. “Maybe I could come to your world in  Minecraft. I like emerald,” said Blaze.

“I like emerald as well,” said Stampy.

“Do you know there’s this guy called Tane and his parents hate me,” said Blaze.

“That’s not very nice,” said Stampy.

The perfect butterfly (not!!!)

One day there was this little girl called Lucy and she really wanted a butterfly.

“Never ever until you’re eighteen years old,” said her mum.

“Oh why not?” asked Lucy.

“Because until you and your sister stop fighting and arguing you can wait,” said mum.

Lucy stomped up the stairs, slammed the door and laid on her bed.

“Come down, honey, please for dinner,” yelled mum.

“OK,” said Lucy, not wanting to eat dinner.

At the table, Lucy said: “I am going to steal the butterfly.”

“Good,” said her mum. “Then you can go to kid’s jail and stay for a couple of years. You will get

 taught a lesson,” said mum.

But Lucy didn’t listen to her. When she was in bed and her mum was asleep, Lucy snuck out the

window. She went to the shop with the butterfly. She opened the door to the shop because it was

unlocked and stole the butterfly.

When she got home, she knew she had to hide the butterfly because her mum would find it and

Lucy would get in trouble and have no more butterfly. She hid it in the wardrobe.

Then one day they heard a knock at the door.

It was the cops.

“Why are they here?” asked Lucy.

“For the butterfly, you foolish girl. Bring it. Now!”

Lucy did what she was told and got the butterfly from out of the wardrobe. She took it downstairs to

the waiting cops.

“Get in the car,” said the cop lady.

“Why?” asked Lucy.

“Like I told you,” said the cop lady.

“Oh,” said Lucy. “But I don’t want to go to kids jail,” said Lucy.

“TOO BAD,” said mum. “Get in the car, kiddo.”

When Lucy got to prison, she saw kids that smoked drugs and she knew to stay away from them. She did not

want to make friends with them.

At lunch time, the kids who smoked drugs went over to where she sat and punched, kicked and spat on her.

She said stop but they didn’t. They did it all lunch time till the bell rang. And when she got to class

everyone laughed at her. She cried and she said stop it. The teacher said ‘how rude of you children

she’s the new girl. So I expect all of you to be nice.’

But the others didn’t listen. When the lunch bell rang every person in her class punched her and

spat on her. The teacher asked her what happened she didn’t respond.

“What happened?” shouted the teacher.

“Those kids right there, they bullied me,” said Lucy.

The teacher gave them detention. When the others got back from lunch, they all laughed at the kids in


The kids in detention wanted to be friend with Lucy. But then she got released to her mum.

She was free. She was out of jail.

Now, she always listens to her mum. Her mum taught her a lesson.

The talking fish.

Once upon a time, there were two people and one fish. The two people were called John and Ruby. They were poor and hungry.

One day they found a fish - a talking fish. And it was a magical fish that could give you anything. Then John asked the fish a question:

“Can you give me a farm with lots of pigs and cows?”

“Only if you put me back in the sea,” said the fish.

When John and Ruby got back to their house, they saw a farm but no house. The wife wanted a mansion. So john headed back to the sea and said:

“Mighty fish, o mighty fish, come back.”

“What now?” asked the ugly fish.

“Can you please give me a mansion?” asked John.

“Only if you put me back in the sea,” said the ugly fish.

When John arrived back home, he saw a mansion.

His wife was not pleased. “It has no race track,” she said.

So john headed back out to sea and said to the ugly fish:

“O mighty ugly fish, please come back.”

“What do you want now?” asked the fish, appearing out of the sea.

“I want a race track,” said John.

“Ok,” said the fish, “but only if you put me back in the sea.”

John did so. When he got back home, he found that his mansion was gone and there was only the farm. That’s what happens when you’re greedy.


How to train your dragon 2

Movie review by Blaze


This is the sequel to how to train your dragon which came out in 2010.

In how to train your dragon the main characters are still there. They are Hiccup, fishlegs, snotlout, ruffnut, tuffnut, stoick, astrid and gobber. One of them dies but I’m not telling you who. They also found someone they didn’t expect to.

I can’t tell you anything about the good parts because you guys will know what happened and you won’t watch it. There are also new characters added. If you want to know who you will have to go watch it. Ha-ha.

There’s also a dragon army and the lost person found them. There is one massive dragon that will surprise you.


So in conclusion, I think how to train your dragon2 is a good movie and it is a four star movie. I think you guys should go and watch it.


Minecraft is a game where you have to build things. In Minecraft there’s creative and survival. In creative you can do anything you want - you can even spawn animals and pour a bucket of lava on their heads.

In survival you have to gather supplies and kill animals. The rarest thing is diamonds. The second rarest thing is lapis. Third is iron. Lots of people play Minecraft and have YouTube accounts like stampy squid and choo choo gaming.

Diamond is really hard to find. Iron is not that hard because there’s this seed called spinny you can get. There are about four sets of armour but no sword and no tools but you can protect yourself with stone tools and wooden stuff and so on. With gold, you can use but it runs out really quickly so if I were you I wouldn’t craft tools because they won’t last very long. Even when you play hunger games and you find chest’s I still wouldn’t collect it.

With diamond stuff, you collect it because it last for ages and that’s good for hunger games because you will survive. Iron - it’s all right. I will still collect it in hunger games just to protect yourself and you might or might not win. If you lose then that’s bad luck for you. If you win then that’s good luck but if your versing someone with a diamond sword you’re most likely to lose. But if you win you are really lucky.

Minecraft is the best game in whole wide world. Loads and loads of people play Minecraft because like I told you Minecraft is the best game.

So in conclusion I think all you people who are reading should play Minecraft. But watch out for Hero brine.