"Funny fairy"

About me

Hi my name is Alex. I am ten years old and I would love to tell you all about me.

My mum is called Louise and my dad is called Andrew. I live in TeAtatu, and go to Matipo School. I am in room 27, my teacher is called Ms Espie-Chal.  

My favourite colours are purple and red. One of my favourite movies is Rise of the Guardians. My two cats are brothers and are called Tom and Jerry. I have no brothers or sisters but would really like to have a baby sister. 

In writing I would love to be better at spelling and writing non-fiction.

My best friends are called Hannah and Georgie. I think Matipo is a super cool school because the teachers are really nice. The work is fun but most of all the students are all so nice. My favourite subject is reading and P.E. Lots of my friends support me which makes me feel excellent about myself.

My recent work

My favourite things

My family

I love my family because they are always supportive and care about me lots.

My cats

I love my cats so much because they are friendly.

My friends

My friends are important to me because they are always funny and fun to hang out with.


I love milkshakes because they are very tasty and come in all different flavours.


I absolutely love and I MEAN love dancing because it is upbeat and super fun.


I really like shopping because it’s like going to a party.

Cheese shop

One nice summer day in 1923, New Zealand, a cheese shop was full of people.

It was full of people because the little place was called Cheeseville, and no matter what, everyone loved cheese and would do anything for the great cheese shop.     

One day, a little man - actually, quite a big man - was visiting the strange cheese loving place. He thought to himself this cheese looked delicious. He decided to have a nibble or two.

He walked into the shop and selected a wide range of cheeses to sample.

A few hours later, he was as fat as a very fat cow from very fat cow land. He gobbled cheeses left and right. He ate the cheese shop out of cheese. The buttons on his pants began to ping off.

There was a strange rumbling noise as if of animals stampeding. But it wasn’t animals. It was the big man’s stomach. Then suddenly his stomach exploded and all that was left was cheese splatted everywhere. It was splattered on all the couches, seats and everything else in the shop. It even managed to reach the kitchen. The people were just staring at the cheese, looking around in wonder and cheese.

“I hope this is just a dream”. Said one of the worker.

“So do I.” said another worker      


It was a calm night in a magical forest. Even if you didn’t believe in magical creatures, if you looked close enough you would be able to see the little creatures hiding away from you.

Let me tell you a story about a little elf who lived in a very queer forest, with very queer people that lived in the strange place. The little elf was called Fletcher. He had a small pointed hat, a tiny pair of pants and coal black shoes that would be so miniature they would fit a little girls smallest dolls feet.

On the day of the crowning of the new queen, everyone in the kingdom came to the castle. They cheered and laughed as the queen came out and greeted the people.

Now as for the little elf, he was the queen’s servant. The people in the kingdom thought it would be a dream to be the queen’s servant but Fletcher knew that it was horrible working for the spoilt, bratty queen, Pompadour.

The evilest of evil, the most devious person in the world, she may have looked nice and pretty on the outside but she was an evil annoying witch on the inside.

Fletcher was a very nice elf and didn’t deserve to be treated the way he was being treated.

Fletcher was the complete opposite compared to Queen Pompadour.

One day Fletcher was getting the queens dinner,

Queen Pompadour yelled at poor Fletcher.

“Get me my soup, NOW!” she demanded.

“Coming, your majesty. The soup is a bit late.”

“I realise that, you knuckle head,” screamed the Queen.

Fletcher had had enough of that demanding slug they called a queen.

He sprinted to the kitchen and grasped a bottle of poison. He poured it into her soup and brought the soup back to the table.

This wasn’t an ordinary poison. It was a poison that didn’t make her die. It made her throw up slugs. And this is what happened. The Queen threw up slugs.

After that, the Queen was outraged and felt like killing Fletcher. She knew that he had poisoned her soup.

But she never got a chance to get her revenge because the next day she fell into a volcano (while she was having a tour).       

Tom Totara

One day a boy called Tom Totara was walking home from school.

He heard crying but it wasn’t the cry of a baby.

Tom walked cautiously towards the sound. The closer he got the louder the sound became.

He looked behind a rubbish bin and saw a creature with an oval body and little mouths with sharp teeth that would want to eat you and hear your screams of death.

Tom screamed in horror. Then suddenly, the creature turned into dust and Tom found himself somewhere else.

He was no longer on planet Earth. Wherever it was, he was there for a long time. He became cold, hungry but surprisingly, he could still breathe.

Tom was scared and wanted to go home, and stuff his face with his mums home-made spaghetti and meatballs. But thinking about food wasn’t going to help him.

After about a week Tom felt sick. He decided to lie down and have a nap. He had a dream about never going home and never getting to stuff his face with his mum’s homemade. For all I know, he might be still there, starving hoping one day someone out there would come and rescue him.   

Bella and the mean girls

There once was a girl called Bella.

Both Bella and her friends at school (Sophie, Julia and Maria) had a rough week.

One day Sophie, Julia and Maria went up to Bella and said “You’re sitting in our spot,” said the girls.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. We always used to sit here, together as a group,” said Bella.

“Well we made a slight change to the group,” said Sophie rudely.

“Well I’m staying here,” Bella said bravely.

“Um, I think you’re wrong, you will be moving and you will like it,” said Sophie with a disgusted tone in her voice.

In the end Bella thought it would be good just to walk away.

The next day at school, Bella and the mean girls had another incident.

“I can’t believe you just ruined my designer top,” said Maria.

“I’m so sorry, I didn’t see you,” said Bella.

 “That’s it, I’ve had enough of your excuses,” shouted Sophie, turning into the trunchbull.

Bella had had enough of all of their attitudes. She was sick of all of them - especially Sophie.

“I’m gonna tell you  something and your gonna listen,” said Bella. “I am sick and tired of you pushing me around, I want you to stop.”  

“No one has ever spoken to us like that before,” said Sophie. “I like it!”


It all started on a perfect summer’s day in 1924, New Zealand.

There were three children. Their names were Rachel, Sam and Fred.

Rachel was eleven years old, Sam was nine years old and Fred was ten years old.

They had just moved from the Kingdom of Pleasantness and had moved to this new country because their father had lost his job.

The children were upset. They had only themselves to play with.

“What do you think we should do?”

asked Rachel gloomily.

Sam stared to cry. She was a bit of a drama queen.

That day their mother had given them the day off from chores.

Fred had suggested they go outside.

The children went outside and created an obstacle course they had made from all their toys.

When they finished the obstacle course, the three of them decided to go into the woods.

In the woods, they met a leprechaun. The leprechaun had a long ginger beard, a green suit that went down to his knees, long white socks and black shoes with a golden buckle.

“Come with me, children,” he said. “I will give you all the lollies in the world if you do.”

The three children stared at the leprechaun with surprise.

“Well,” said the leprechaun, impatiently. “Are you coming or not?”

Rachel, being the oldest, didn’t like the leprechaun’s tone or the look of him either. She grabbed her sibling’s hands and pulled them away from the leprechaun.

Rachel frowned. “I don’t think this is a good idea,” she said.

Fred and Sam disagreed and decided they wanted to go with the leprechaun. Rachel was forced to go along with them because she didn’t want to leave the others and because she didn’t trust the little creature.

From a sack at his belt, the leprechaun grasped a handful of multi-coloured dust and sprinkled if across the ground in front of him. A rainbow appeared. He asked the children to follow him up the rainbow.

Half way up the rainbow bridge, the leprechaun suddenly pushed Fred off. Fred screamed and plummeted to his death.

The leprechaun turned and stared at the girls with big glaring eyes. The girls began to tremble with fear.

They stepped back and then turned and fled.

Somehow, they managed to escape but they knew that one day, the leprechaun would return with his big glaring eyes.

My Cats

My cats are called Tom and Jerry.

They are very big and fat.

My mum and I are going to put them on a diet.

All they ever do is lay around and do nothing.

They are mammals.

My cats are really soft and love cuddles. They are awesome and I love them so much.

My mum, dad and I were so happy when we got Tom and Jerry.

I never ever want my cats to pass away because they mean so much to me.

My cats are fun and a little, no actually I mean very crazy.

My cats are tabby cats.

We got our cats from our neighbours, James, Pauline and their daughter, Jessy.

My cats are twins.

They are eight and a half years old.

Tom loves lying by the fire, and jerry loves lying anywhere.

I really love my cats and would hate for anything to happen to them.

How to train your dragon 2

Movie Review by Alex

How to train your dragon 2 is about a boy called Hiccup and all his friends; Astrid, Snotlout, Fishlegs, ruffnut and tuffnut.

They all do dragon racing for a sport on the island of Berk. Then one day Hiccup and Astrid go to another island made out of ice and meet dangerous enemies that are capturing all the dragons and doing horrible things to them.

Along the way, Hiccup meets a mystery    guest, and to everyone’s surprise one of the main character dies. But I won’t tell you who it is.

How to train you dragon 2 is a movie for adults and kids, about 7 and up, because there is lots fighting in it. It’s still a good movie for kids. I advise that children under 6 may be scared by some scenes.

I would give the movie three and a half stars out of five because I don’t think it deserved a five. The animation was really good, there was lots of action but it just becomes a muddle with all the family drama.  So overall I think it would be a good family movie.    

Jazz dance

Jazz dance is a type of dance that is energetic and warms your body up.

Jazz dance is quite famous for using top hats, sparkly clothing.

When I did my jazz dance concert, we had to wear sparkly top hats, sparkly tights, sparkly waist coats and even sparkly Jazz shoes.

I absolutely love dance as much as anything and I really hope it doesn’t end up as myth amongst all the technology.